Quick Facts

  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Supply Chain Manager
  • Following keto since: September 2019
  • Starting weight: 292 lbs
  • Current weight: 210 lbs (lost 82 lbs with keto)

How did you find out about keto?

My stepmother lost some weight on keto. She was always a dieting fiend, picking up the latest trends, but keto seemed to work for her more long-term than other diets had.

She was always cooking foods with lots of meat which we liked, but fat we werent used to. It wasnt bad — just more filling than what we were used to.

What made you decide to start keto yourself?

I was unhappy with my current weight and outlook on food, unhappy with my projected health level, and unhappy with what I perceived to be my only options for weight loss.

I drastically needed to change and was open and willing to research drastic diet alternatives.

Where did you begin?

I started out on reddit. Their FAQ is pretty comprehensive; it's a great jumping point for further research.

From there, I went to YouTube, researching various doctors' talks and food guidelines to see if it was something I could sustain.

I realized the diet was manageable if I could give up carbs for fat. I already loved meat! Bread was the hardest for sure. Sweets can be mimicked but not a french roll.

What was the biggest challenge in starting out?

Getting off carbs, and changing your mindset to not need them anymore. It was pretty wild — just the monumental shift your brain makes in changing its primary fuel source.

The fog for the first day or two sucked, but after that it was completely eye-opening. I found increased mental clarity, focus, concentration, endurance, overall energy, and required less sleep.

I felt like the fog was eating carbs.

What else did you notice?

I started eating less overall. I realized what I was eating was higher in calories, but I basically just got rid of an entire meal a day.

Next thing I knew, I had lost 30 lbs in the first 4-6 weeks. The first 15 were probably water weight, but then I just started shedding. It was intense!

Has it affected your lifestyle or relationships in any way?

My overall outlook on life in general is much more positive. I feel more in tune with my creative side. I feel more confident in my relationships with others and myself. Keto gave me more confidence to make healthy choices for myself.

Prior to starting keto, I started getting into positive affirmations. I felt like my diet was always the one thing I needed to improve on, but I just didn't. The affirmations helped my mood enough to build motivation for keto, and then keto reinforced those positive feelings.

Oh, so the affirmations kind of set the foundation that you built on with keto?

In terms of overall outlook, definitely. I had to love my current self before I could push myself to be a better me. And I needed to want more in life before I could challenge myself with keto.

When you say affirmations, is it like you follow a particular book or teacher? Or are there particular mantras that you repeat to yourself?

I scoured the Internet and collected affirmations that resonate with me into a Google Doc.

It takes me ~10 minutes to say them while breathing slowly. By the time I'm done, it relieves my anxiety. It takes me from panic attack levels of anxiety to a near-resting heart rate.

And can you tell me more about needing to want more from life?

It just goes to the unhappy bit I started out with... I wasn't happy with my current health or life trajectory and wanted something more. But before I could move forward, I had to admit that I loved what I already had. Otherwise, I'd never stop or find what good enough looked like. I'd end up like one of those plastic surgery trainwrecks, haha.

And you mentioned that keto has helped you connect more with your creative side. What kinds of things do you do to exercise your creativity?

I'm a big PC gamer. Keto got me playing with my boyfriend again. I'm also brainstorming a business idea with a friend, so I'm having fun with that. I also love customizing cross stitches to gift away to friends and fam.

For now, haha.

What do you think it was about keto that fostered your creative side?

Definitely the enhanced clarity, focus, endurance, and improved overall mood. When I'm happy, I get creative. And when I have more time on my hands I need more things to do. 🙂

How has it affected your professional life?

I used to just get exhausted about my job... now it's not enough. It's kind of funny — I guess that'ss another perk.

You have more energy for your job?

And then some!

Depending on the day, that is. Supply chain is pretty grueling.

Does the stress of your job make keto harder or easier?

Work enabled a bad diet, but after weaning myself off it, I haven't really tripped up that much. I didn't see a need to. There are so many keto options nowadays, it's mind-boggling.

Even if I wanted sweets, I could grab a Quest Protein Bar that tastes like a candy bar.

How has /r/keto played a role in your progress?

They've been essential from the start. They provided a sense of community I couldn't find anywhere else.

They're a source of inspiration for people just like me. When you're starting out, that's huge. It's one of the main reasons I post my progress publicly.

It's not pretty. It's a sensitive topic, so it can be embarrassing. I get downvotes on imgur because you have to post there first. But most of the negative comments are deleted, and its all overwhelmingly positive.

I find it empowering. I did that! That's me!

For sure. It takes guts to be so vulnerable with something so personal.

I've got nothing but grit now, man!

I landed a once-in-a-lifetime job, relocating to Washington state from Texas. It never would have happened had I not believed in myself, and a lot of that confidence came from keto.

What else should people know?

Anyone can do it. Kust do the research to make sure you aren't inadvertently exacerbating any medical conditions. But it's literally one of those, "if I can do it, anyone can," type of things.

My exercise throughout the first 80 lbs of loss consisted exclusively of marathoning World of Warcraft, so I can say confidently that you do not need to exercise to start losing weight.

I plan to change that soon, though.

If you could travel back in time to Ann from 9 months ago, what advice would you give her about starting keto and sticking to it?

"Don't stop."

Even if you trip, keep going. Slow and steady wins the race.

Discipline and persistence is all you need. Persistence is even more important than discipline. You could trip up a hella lot more than I did and still see massive losses.

Thanks so much to Ann for sharing her story with us!