Quick Facts

  • Gender: Female
  • Following keto since: April 2020
  • Starting weight: 186 lbs
  • Current weight: 156 lbs (lost 30 lbs with keto)

How did you first find out about keto?

This is my second time doing Keto - but I first found out about it back in 2018 when I had started doing Crossfit trying to lose some extra weight I had gained with my first baby. They were having a six week "Nutrition Challenge" and there were three ways of eating that we could choose from to follow. Keto, Zone, and just strict CICO.

After looking into all three, I felt like Keto would be the easiest to maintain because I wouldn't have to give up my favorite food (cheese, haha), and I was hoping I would still be able to get results.

I had set a goal during the six week challenge to lose 10 pounds and ended up blowing my goal out of the water by losing 30 in 6 weeks!

Then, I was hooked and I stuck to it until I got to my goal weight. I got pregnant again and so April of 2020 was me getting back into it after my second child with even more to lose because I always gain a ton of weight during pregnancy.

I haven't found a place that doesn't have something I can eat and stay keto, so I never feel like I can't eat out at all.

My favorite at the moment is Red Robin because I recently found out that you can get bottomless steamed broccoli. I like the wedgie burger but they actually have quite a few that are keto friendly as long as you ask for a lettuce wrap instead of a bun!

What was the biggest challenge for you in following keto?

Probably the biggest challenge for me initially was sugar cravings. And every time I have a special occasion and make a "one dish exception" (I don't like to use the word cheat haha) they always come back in full force.

The biggest thing that has worked for me to help move past those cravings is to just drink a lot of water and actually stay away from sweet things completely for a day or two.

I have also found when I try to have keto friendly substitutes I still get the cravings, so I typically don't eat very many of those keto friendly treats either. It just makes it easier for me to stick to my goals.

Do you have anything you consider a treat or dessert that doesn't cause sugar cravings?

Hmm, I don't think so. I do drink diet soda or flavored sparkling water occassionally.

I've found once I am off sugar and sugar substitutes completely for a couple of days, I can really taste the sweetness in vegetables so much more. I think the first time I noticed this was a red bell pepper that I was eating and it tasted like fruit because I was so adjusted to having no sugars at all, haha!

Are you involved in any keto communities outside of /r/keto?

I also follow /r/ketobeginners and /r/omad however I have never really been successful at trying OMAD because I get headaches super easily. It's really hard for me to eat that many calories at once unless it's all junk which is of course, defeating the purpose of OMAD I think.

I haven't ever really been too involved with keto community among people I know except when I was doing crossfit, there were a few people there who I connected with about the success we found with Keto

How have online keto communities influenced your experience with keto?

Those are super helpful when I am struggling to stick to it, especially if my son wants to make cookies together or it's someone's birthday, etc.

When it's a little hard, I like to scroll through for a few minutes to see what others have been able to achieve and remind myself why I am doing it in the first place. That really helps just refocus me and give me a push of willpower when I need it

Are there things you wish you learned earlier?

If I could time travel I would actually go back earlier and tell myself to start sooner! Ha!

I never played any sports growing up, but throughout high school and most of college I was able to stay at a healthy weight. Once I got married, things started slipping, and then I thought it must be my birth control making me gain the weight or this or that but really it was just bad habits building up without me even noticing until all of a sudden I have gained 40 pounds and can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, right?

So, definitely starting sooner and just remembering that I can make exceptions when I need to. That's the best way I have found to stick to it long term

Anything else readers should know?

Just want to give a quick shout out to the new (or not so new, too) moms trying to lose pregnancy weight still that it can be done!

After my first baby with keto, I beat my pre-pregnancy weight by 15 pounds! I am on the way to doing the same again this time. Don't give up!

Thanks so much to Becca for sharing her story with us!